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Our Team

  Our Team   .

Dan Draeger:
DirectDraw Interface, map editor, scenario editor (next), and Project Coordinator.

Patrick Mancier:
DirectSound Interface, DirectPlay Interface, sound file utitlities, design help, and possibly the user interface.

Chris Key:
The Web Page Editor. Also came up with some graphics, specifically a settler design.

Aymeric Richard:
One of our two AI programmers. He is very busy on the message board, the person you want to talk to if you have any AI ideas.

Khushil Dep:
Our other AI programmer. He is writing up the AI design document, which will soon be posted on the website.

Dave Floyd:
Working on the technology tree and some graphics.  His website is here.

  Thank You   .

Mike McCart:
Gave me permission to use whatever I want from his many Civ2 mod packs.  (Except for some stuff that Microprose bought from him to put in a civ2 add-on called "fantastic worlds")  He has ran sites such as Age of Empires Heaven and Civilization 2 Heaven, and has been hired to be Ensemble Studios webmaster.

David Miraglia:
Came up with name, "Rise of Nations", that most people who voted for a name, voted for.

Larry Bearman:
Gave me some graphics.

Patrik Lindh:
Pointed me to some sound files.  He may be giving more help later.