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Free Civilization Sequel Project

News 4-14-98

I've just arrived home from vacation.  I've been doing some research while on the road and have made a few important decisions:

1)  Scrap existing code, rewrite the few-thousand lines of code I've written so far.

2) Stop trying to rewrite CDXLib and use it how it is except for changes needed to compile it.

3) As a result of (2), I will use the map code in CDXLib which wasn't meant to be used for an isometric game.

4) The maps will be rectangular for now instead of isometric.

5) I will take great care to write the code for portability and so I can easily implement isometric maps later.

6) I will write the code (except for the main windows functions needed) in a very object oriented manner using C++

I still haven't decided on a name though.  Now I will really be getting down to business and will be getting the coding done and have an Alpha Version of some kind available this summer, hopefully by June.

News 3-20-98

I've been doing research on ancient civilizations.  I'm planning to have special units for each civilization.  Not every civ can get every unit and every technology.  I'm making the game concentrate on ancient times to start off with then adding more and more modern ages.  I've been playing some Age of Empires also, and plan to inlcude some things from that, though only things that can be done in a turn-based game.  I've almost finished writing my graphics library for directx, I'm using the CDX library but I've rewritten sections of the code, especially the map code because I want to have an isometric type view.  If anyone has info on the best way to implement an isometric view for this type of game like the view in Civ2 let me know.  I'm pretty sure I can do it but want to be sure I'm doing it the best way.  I'll update this page again in the coming weeks.

News 3-1-98

I've finished a converter that converts Civ2 map file into my maps. I need people to send me some civ2 maps and graphics that I can use. I also need some people to take my survey.  Next thing I'll do is an Alpha version instead of my previous plans of a map editor, I still need to figure out what kind of features, units, wonders, technologies, etc. I will be including in the game.  Also I would appreciate help in naming the game.  Names I've recieved so far include "Project Life", "Imperium Control", "Destiny", and "Fate of the World". I've redone the webpages again with frames. My next goal in this area is to adequately promote it.  So if you like this page or my idea please tell others!

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