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Rise of Nations

(Formerly Free Civilization Sequel Project)

News 8-1-98

This will probably be the last update to the page by me.  I plan to turn this page over to someone soon.  I have some candidates but still have to pick one and get them to do it.  This will allow me to concentrate more on the game.  The next objective is to *finish* the design document.  It seems I also have a new AI programmer now.  The free beta signup is over and I got a pretty good response.  I haven't counted the apps yet, but there's probably over 100 for sure.

News 7-17-98

Finally, I've more or less finished revamping the web page.  The only thing that needs major work is the Game Specification, but that still is packed with a lot of information.  The most exciting thing happening is the beta signup!  Your guaranteed a spot if you sign up before August 1st.  I still need a little help, check out the Help Wanted page if you're interested.  I also added new Suggestion Box, Survey Results, Background Info and Our Team pages.  I also added new links including some to other web game projects.  Phew!  Now I'm gonna get to coding that beta!

News 7-13-98

  I've added a game design specification to the page!  This should answer most of your questions about the game.  I'm starting today to totally revamp my pages.  In a week, this should be a lot different.  For progress updates check the message board, Patrick has been posting to it regularly.  

News 6-14-98

   Schools out, and hopefully I can get some work done now. I have some new programmers and will probably get there names and email addresses posted on the site soon. One, Patrick, wrote a sound interface and is working on some important utilities. I have an almost finished map maker with a pesky bug and without good graphics. And am working now on fixing the bug and reorganizing my source and writing a skeleton of the game. Also I have a Message Board up and hope to have a new survey soon. If this site seems neglected at times it's probably a good thing because it means I'm really concentrating on coding.

News 6-1-98

   Well, another update, but not a lot of significant progress.  I have a new codename: "Rise of Nations." One person sent me some tile graphics, but I think they were corrupted.  I still need graphics bad!  The map editor is close to done, but it still needs finishing touches and new graphics.  Unfortunately with finals coming up and everything I haven't had much time to work on the game.  I will be getting out of school In 4 days though and then I should have more time I hope.  What I really need though is some helpers!

News 5-10-98

   Wow! A lot has happened since my last news flash.  Things have been changing so fast I stopped keeping all the old news on this site, if you really want to see it click here.

   Ok, now on with the news!  I said before I'd go with just plain rectangular maps.  Well I changed my mind again!  I changed the CDX graphic library (which is a great library, BTW) to use isometric tile maps.  I have a working map viewer finished.  I'm working on changing it to a map editor.  I will post it as soon as it is capable of editing maps.  Actually, there's one other snag.  I need someone to draw some terrain tiles.  My current map viewer uses civ2's terrain graphics.  I probably can't legally release it with these "borrowed" graphics. Can someone help me?  

   I should have a new survey up in a couple of days titled "vote for a name" where I will list the names I've been getting from you folks along with a couple I've thought up.

   Also, one other note... I hope all these banners don't bother you, I'm not making any money off them, I'm only trying to bring more people to my site.

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