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  August 25th, 1998   .

The problems some of you may have had with the Sound Test Program have been fixed. Two required .dll's did not make it into the .zip but they have now been included. So, if you downloaded the program yesterday you can get the required .dll's right here. The full .zip files has also been updated and that can be retrieved right here. The source code for both the .wav and .midi libraries have also been posted. Those can be retireved in the downloads section of the Game Specification.

  August 24th, 1998   .

Well, it's a milestone day for us here at Rise of Nations. Our first download is now available. It is a small program which you can use to test out the DirectSound interfaces. The source code is included for those inspiring DirectX developers out there. You can get to it through the download section of the Game Specification or right here. Kudos go to Patrick for coding this one out.

  August 23rd, 1998   .

Two new members have been added to the Our Team page. They are Aymeric Richard and Khushil Dep. They are are two AI programmers. Also, as you can see, we have been awarded the BetaZine Excellence Award. Many thanks to them for recognizing our site and for providing such a wonderful forum for games such as this to be announced :).

  August 18th, 1998   .

The Game Specification has been updated. The main change is in the comparison to Civilization 2. So check it out and dont forget to go to the Message Board to talk with the developers and help make this game great :).

  August 16th, 1998   .

Well everyone, here it is. Welcome to the brand new website for Rise of Nations. As you can see, there have been a number of new changes. Most importantly is the new design. I will probably be making changes to it, but this is pretty much what it's going to look like. So E-mail me, and tell me what you think. Next, there is a brand new Message Board. You can discuss everything from Rise of Nations to just general Civilization on the board. Also, the developers will check the board frequently, so feel free to ask them questions. Anyway, let me know what you think of the page, and get ready for more frequent updates now that the new site is up :). ENJOY!!

  August 3rd, 1998   .

Hello everyone.  I would just like to introduce myself.  My name is Chris Key and I am the new Webmaster for this site.  There are going to be some exciting changes going on with the layout of the page.  I already have a major site redesign underway.  But until it is ready, browse around and catch up on whats going on with Rise of Nations.

To give you all an idea of what is coming in the site redesign I will tell you this.  I am adding some really nice (but still small) graphics.  There is going to be a new message board.  And last but not least Dan (the leader of the project) is working on a new Game Specification.  So stick around, we think you'll like whats coming :).  If you have any questions I can be reached at

  August 1st, 1998   .

This will probably be the last update to the page by me.  I plan to turn this page over to someone soon.  I have some candidates but still have to pick one and get them to do it.  This will allow me to concentrate more on the game.  The next objective is to *finish* the design document.  It seems I also have a new AI programmer now.  The free beta signup is over and I got a pretty good response.  I haven't counted the apps yet, but there's probably over 100 for sure.

  July 17th, 1998   .

Finally, I've more or less finished revamping the web page.  The only thing that needs major work is the Game Specification, but that still is packed with a lot of information.  The most exciting thing happening is the beta signup!  Your guaranteed a spot if you sign up before August 1st.  I still need a little help, check out the Help Wanted page if you're interested.  I also added new Suggestion Box, Survey Results, Background Info and Our Team pages.  Phew!  Now I'm gonna get to coding that beta!

  July 13th, 1998   .

  I've added a game design specification to the page!  This should answer most of your questions about the game.  I'm starting today to totally revamp my pages.  In a week, this should be a lot different.  For progress updates check the message board, Patrick has been posting to it regularly.  

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