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Comparison with Civ2

This list of features is a comparison chart that is comparing features in Civ2 with feautures planned for the 1st beta build of Rise of Nations.  Keep in mind we have a whole list of features waiting for a later release that we just want more feedback on from users before we go to the trouble of including them.

Feature Civ2 Rise of Nations
Multiplayer no yes
32 bit Windows no yes
DirectX no yes
Improvement queing no yes
Scenarios yes not in 1st beta (but definitely later)
X-shaped city radius yes yes
Goodie huts yes not in 1st beta
Unhappiness factor yes not in 1st beta
Barbarians yes not in 1st beta
Wonders yes not in 1st beta
Tax rate yes yes
Science rate yes not in same sense
Luxury rate yes nope
Resource based economy no yes
Pay for research no (it's a rate) yes and no
Realistic Missile Movement no yes (IMO)
Civil War yes not yet (will be much differnet if included)
Chemical/Biological Warfare no yes
Space race yes not in 1st beta

Some features are not in the 1st beta simply because I don't want to have to describe them yet and they need more thought.  Anything not described here or elsewhere in the documnet should be assumed to be the same as Civ2 to begin with.

Other Possible features:

These are other possible features not in the 1st beta, but under consideration.

Many different play modes
Minor Civs (not like Civ2 goodie huts)
Land Negotiation/Border Control
Water Usage (needed for consumption)
Citizen Types
Advanced Map editor
Import Civ2 Scenarios and maps
Unconditional Surrenders
Civil Wars
Smarter Senate
Random events/disasters
New government types
More civs allowed in game than 7

If you have opinions on any of these let me know.