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(as of 7-14-98)
This game started out as an idea i had to do a new game fashioned after Civ2.  I've been a fan of Civilization and Civ2 for a long time.  I started out without much of anything.  I had no partners, and didn't know much about DirectX.  This was about a year ago (about the time DirectX 5 came out).  Since then I have learned a lot about DirectX, especially DirectDraw, and made some major modifications to the CDX library and got started.  I then realized that if I tried to do the whole thing myself it wouldn't be done until the year 2005 (optimistically) so I went looking for help by making a web page.

I got some responses, mostly from non-programmers, or people that didn't have any time to help.  Then, about a month and a half ago Patrick Mancier contacted me.  He actually wanted to do a RTS game but agreed to help me out.  He's been doing a great job ever since!  He's already got almost completed sound and directplay interfaces.  Now I'm finding myself scrambling to try to write a decent game specification (a lot harder than I thought) so we can work on as many things as possibly simultaneously.